David Davis

Project Superintendent

David Davis began his career in construction in 1980, working for a petrochemical construction company. Over the years, he’s served as a carpenter, carpenter’s foreman and field superintendent. In the twelve years he’s been with Bass, David has found his work rewarding and values being part of an honest, straight-forward team.    

With his background in civil work, David is a natural fit to oversee Bass’ concrete and sitework. While his time on a project is relatively short-lived, he feels that the first month of the project is critical to ensuring the project runs smoothly and enjoys the responsibility of getting it off on the right foot. He manages crews ranging from six to 30 people, and works on multiple projects simultaneously. His field engineering skills are best utilized on large projects with aggressive schedules. 

David is a self-proclaimed stickler for details and feels at the end of the day, his responsibility is to “get it done.” Clients benefit from his strict management of schedule as well as quality control.


  • Began his over 30-year career in petrochemical construction.
  • A member of the Bass Construction team since 2003.
  • Oversees the company’s concrete and sitework, which is self performed.
  • David’s civil background allows him to get involved in the early stages of the project to ensure the project starts off on the right foot.
  • Outside of the office, David can be found saltwater fishing with his
  • How David describes his work: “It’s not just a paycheck, it’s in my blood!”



South Texas Nuclear Plant

Civil project involving stringent security measures. The project included casting 1,960 5’ x 10’ x 4’ concrete blocks on site, setting them in place at the perimeter of the secured area. Project was completed in 60 days.


Lamar CISD
George Junior High School

Complete renovation accomplished in only 75 days.  Work was phased for successful completion.


Terry High School 

Renovations throughout the school, including a total replacement of the facility’s HVAC equipment.  

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